Sunday, April 7, 2013

22 months

Allie you are 22 months old! I cannot believe in just 2 short months you will be two. These 22 months have flown by. Here's what you are up to this month!

You wear a size 2T.
You wear a size 6 shoe.
You wear a size 4 diaper. 

You are only nursing once at night before bed.
You like to push open the door to your room when we go to nap or go night night. 
You will pull your pants up once your feet are through the bottoms of them after a diaper change. 
You know your socks go on your feet and you try to put them on. 
You know what socks go together and can match yours up.
You still aren't a fan of having your hair washed so daddy will throw a foam letter up on the wall for you to look up at while I rinse your hair!
You say, "get you!", "good job!", "bye bye", and "bite!"

One of my favorite things is when I stand up after rocking you to lay you down you grab my arm with your sweet hand and hold on tight until I lay you down.

You do NOT like stickers or to have paint or anything sticky or gooey on your hands. But you love to carry stickers around and you LOVE to paint using a paint brush. 
You LOVE cheddar cheese. We buy it from the farm and you could easily polish off a whole block in one sitting if we'd let you!
You love peas, blueberries and cereal. 

You eat two breakfasts- yours and then whatever Mommy is eating!
You love Disney Jr and there are very few shows you don't like. You love Doc McStuffins, Little Einsteins and Octonauts. You love it when the Einsteins say, "Raise your arms as high as you can and say blast off!". You will raise your hands and put them on your head and wait for me to say it! It's adorable!

I love you sweet baby girl! I cannot wait to see what the next month holds for you!
Love you!

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